Exchanges & returns

If you’re not happy with your purchase and you want to return or exchange an item, no problem! Send it back to us:

Mikołajska 38m 12A
02-455 Warsaw, Poland

Remember to include the following in your shipment:

Proof of purchase

we only accept returns that include the receipt you received with your items

Completed form

download the form as: PDF or DOC


  1. The most important condition for exchanging items is that they must be in their original state (clean and without smells from creams, perfume, etc.). Exchanges and returns are not possible if there are any signs of use.
  2. Items will be exchanged within 3 days from the day we receive your shipment.
  3. Money for the returned items will be refunded to your PayPal account.
  4. You can return (or exchange) an item within 10 days from the day you receive it.
  5. We do not accept shipments whose shipping costs are charged on us or which are sent by cash-on-delivery. When you want to return or exchange an item, you must cover shipping costs yourself.

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